Postcards from Amed

Postcards of amazing, gorgeous Amed! Only 5,000Rp each, with discounts for bulk orders. All postcards are a larger 12cm by 17cm size, with a glossy, shiny front, and a normal backing.

There are three themes to choose from:

Baywatch: Amed

Amazing vistas of the gorgeous bays in the Amed area.

Amazing Amed

Scenes inland and around Amed.

“Under Amed”

Showcasing the fantastic marine life under water around the Amed / Tulamben / Kubu area.

Baywatch: Amed

Jemeluk Bay

Bunutan bay

Lean bay

Banyuning bay

Amazing Amed

Agung sunset

Jemeluk at night

Under Amed

Hawksbill turtle


Donut nudi

Pyramids snorkel & scuba dive site

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